AI IN employee Engagement
23 november 2017

Our third directors’ forum will investigate AI’s impact on the way organisations engage with employees, measure employee performance and satisfaction and predict which of their employees are most likely to quit. An intensive one-day deep-dive with talks and discussions for an invited audience of business leaders. Hosted at Gallup’s conference centre in The Shard, London.

How AI and Robotics can drive Employee Engagement

Join us when we put the spotlight on the latest AI technology and trends and show how they are shaping employee engagement and are helping build caring and robust connections.  How AI can drive an engaged workforce and increase profitability.

Our Attendees

An exclusive audience of business leaders, strategists and senior decision makers across core business functions, including innovation, transformation, finance, HR, supply chain and IT. Attendance strictly by invitation only. If your job title/role fits the above description and you would like to receive an invitation to this Directors’ Forum please get in touch.

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Agenda Summary

09:30 Welcome – James Rapinac, Director, Gallup
09:35 Chairman’s introduction
09:45 Talks & Presentations
11:15 Coffee break
11:45 Talks & Presentations
12:45 Lunch & Networking
14:00 Talks & Presentations
15:15 Coffe break
Talks & Presentations
16:45 Chairman’s Summary followed by Drinks & Networking


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