AI IN Customer Engagement
29 June 2017

Our second directors’ forum extended beyond the business to the customer interface. From automating customer interactions to predicting customer behaviours, we investigated AI’s impact on the customer experience and businesses’ ability to profitably engage. An intensive one-day schedule of presentations and discussions for an invited audience of business leaders. Hosted at Gallup’s conference centre in The Shard, London.

How AI and Robotics can drive Customer Engagement

Cut through the hype and discover what automated technology can be applied to your organisation now and how to plan for upcoming AI developments. Gain insights into the most effective ways to manage the impact on employees and customers.


Intelligent Bots – What’s Real, Will Chatbots take over Contact Centres? How RPA can transform the organisation, The future of Intelligent Assistants, When AI meets Virtual Reality, AI Analytics and Customer Insights, The new era of Customer Service, Building customer relationships with intelligent virtual agents

Agenda Summary

09:30 Welcome – James Rapinac, Director, Gallup
09:35 Chairman’s introduction – Anton Fishman, MD, Fishman & Partners
09:45 From talking toasters to intelligent sequins:  How tomorrow’s customers will interact with their world- Nicola Strong, Managing Consultant, Strong Enterprises
10:15 Disruption or transformation?  It’s your choiceSimon Foot, Director, Customer Experience & Contact Centre Operations, Ember Services
10:45 AI in Customer Engagement Alan Flower, HCL CTO – Europe, Middle East, Africa
11:15 Coffee
11:45 When the customer is a company- How AI accelerates value in B2B customer relationships – Maria Semykoz, Senior Consultant, Gallup
12:15 Can computers have ‘conversations’ with humans? Andy Peart, CMO, Artificial Solutions
12:45 Lunch & Networking
14:00 Panel Debate: Where’s the evidence.  Has AI delivered CX? – Chair – Ann-Marie Stagg, Chief Executive, CCMA –  Our expert panellists discuss whether AI is living up to its CX promise – engaged customers accessing premium services at an affordable cost.  We look at who’s setting the pace for AI adoption, how they’re faring and the gains they’ve made for customers and their business
14:45 Expert Speaker
15:15 Coffee
15:45  Keep talking and nobody explodes.   How AI achieves what a human being never could –
Gerard Frith,Chairman of Matter & Chief Strategy Officer, Chelsea Apps Factory
  Searching for success – using new search technologies to overcome age-old business challenges – Jayne Reddyhoff, Managing Director, Zanzi Digital
16:45  Chairman’s Summary followed by Drinks & Networking

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