Facebook using AI to combat terrorist

Facebook has spoken for the first time about the artificial intelligence programmes it uses to deter and remove terrorist propaganda online after the platform was criticised for not doing enough to tackle extremism. The social media giant also revealed it is employing 3,000 extra people

3 Trends That Will Disrupt Your Workplace Forever

STORY HIGHLIGHTS Many millennials don’t stay with their company for the long term The AI revolution is here, and leaders are unprepared for it Amid many changes, workplace planning and forecasting are increasingly vital The “future of work” has become a much-hyped

AI Phone ?

Apple iPhones could soon be fitted with artificial intelligence thanks to new ‘neural engine’ chip. Apple is reportedly planning to install an artificial intelligence chip in upcoming iPhones. The tech giant is said to be working on a chip called the Apple

Artificial Intelligence is the future of customer experience

Some of the leading digital businesses are already securing significant advances in their use of AI for everyday dealings with the consumer, and more will surely follow. There’s no doubt that customer experience is absolutely essential for brand survival. AI and analytics

Can computers have ‘conversations’ with humans?

This report explains how, through the use of the Teneo Analytics suite, computer brains are being taught to flow and thread sentences together to understand and successfully emulate human conversation interaction. Read Report

Elon Musk to connect brains to computers

Tesla chief executive Elon Musk has launched Neuralink, a start-up which aims to develop technology that connects our brains to computers. A report from the Wall Street Journal, later confirmed in a tweet by Mr Musk, said the company was in its

How Artificial Intelligence Will Change Everything

Baidu’s Andrew Ng and Singularity’s Neil Jacobstein say this time, the hype about artificial intelligence is real. Artificial intelligence is shaping up as the next industrial revolution, poised to rapidly reinvent business, the global economy and how people work and interact with

Dyson to invest £2.5bn in AI and robotics

A new multi-billion research and development centre is being opened in Wiltshire by Sir James Dyson. The new tech campus will be based on a 517-acre former Ministry of Defence (MoD) site at Hullavington. The vacuum and electronics company is aiming to

AI system can understand and see like humans

“Most artificial intelligence research today concerning vision focuses on recognition or labelling what is in a scene rather than reasoning about it” A new computational model performs at human levels when subjected to standard intelligence test, making artificial intelligence (AI) system at

Apple publishes first AI research

Apple researchers have come up with an improved way to train artificial intelligence algorithms, an achievement that’s less significant for its scientific value than for the fact that it may be a sign of more Apple AI research to come. More..

BLOG: The Customer Experience Will Be Transformed By AI

For every great advance in artificial intelligence (AI), offering a chance for machines to truly think and be more useful than ever before, there is always a negative story supporting the fear that humans may one day be subservient to their creations.

Robots are coming to steal our jobs

 Podcast: Anton was a business psychology consultant and like many people hadn’t thought about the impact of artificial intelligence on business. A chance discussion about the psychology of human-robot interaction changed everything. Listen to Podcast

BLOG: Automation a New Frontier

Automation: A new frontier of Human-Machine partnership   “At its very foundation, the raison d’tre of technology is to trigger and harness disruption for the benefit of people in a collaborative process. I believe automation is a new frontier of this human-machine

BLOG: KTP, the fast track from science to business

Across the globe, governments and corporations seek faster and better ways to bridge the innovation gap: to take new ideas out of the labs and lecture rooms of the world of research, and put them to work in companies that can find

Google cuts electricity bill with AI

Google has cut power usage at its data centers by several percentage points by putting a DeepMind AI system in control of computer servers and related equipment like cooling systems. More

Macy’s testing AI for customer service

Macy’s is testing a mobile tool using artificial intelligence that lets shoppers get answers customized to the store they’re in — like where a particular brand is located or what’s in stock — that they would normally ask a sales associate face-to-face.

All That’s Artificial, Intelligent & In-between

What’s Up in the AI-Robotics World – Weekly Update It’s been a week of bad news—a failed military coup in Turkey, a terrorist massacre in Nice and police continuing to kill of innocent blacks in the US.  In the world of uncertainty

How ‘utility marketing’ will benefit from chatbots

Chatbots are truly exciting because they bring with them the promise of a paradigm change. They make it possible to interact with customers — within a trusted environment — in a way that apps or other channels cannot achieve. What we really mean when