Chris Ezekiel

Chatbots & your customers: a realistic look at using AI and machine learning Media hype and over-promising from some industry vendors have created unrealistic expectations for AI chatbots, whilst at the same time industry analysts are predicting significant increases in chatbots and

David Burden

Virtual humans: The future role of AI-driven chatbots across your organisations Our understanding of what artificial intelligence is and can achieve is at risk of being devalued by marketing hype that wantonly attaches the AI moniker to almost any ‘merely clever’ system. 

Navin Sabharwal

Transforming business and customer engagement with AI   Today’s far-sighted companies are using AI-powered technologies to deliver a highly refined customer experience across a wide range of traditional and digital channels – recognising customers, anticipating their needs, engaging proactively and providing differentiated

Stephen Metcalfe

In conversation with Stephen …we investigate how political strategies for AI and robotics could advance the cause of UK business. Stephen is co-chair of the APPG (All-Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence). In the last Parliament Stephen was Chair of Parliament’s cross-party Science and

Nicola Strong

Leading AI driven transformation:  Insights from the frontline of change There are a lot of people exploring AI right now, but rather less people integrating it into the workplace. That means there are have been limited reference points for business leaders delivering

Michael Natusch

A Prudential future. How AI is underpinning long term business value for one of the world’s biggest insurers Prudential is one of the world’s insurance industry giants, with 24 million customers worldwide and more than £600 billion under management.  In 2015 it

Michael Rendell

Better, faster and ultimately more human.  Why AI is better for PwC’s clients, consultants and business performance PricewaterhouseCoopers is one of the UK’s most prestigious professional services firms, with almost 20,000 seasoned professionals advising blue chip clients in just about every industry

Frank Nigriello

Five ways to fix the machine – how ‘convergent relationships’ create organisations that work Advances in accessible technologies are moving faster than industry’s ability to utilise them effectively. Business leaders used to keeping a firm hand on the tiller are increasingly being called

Prof Philip Bond

Boldness, Brexit and the £Billion fund.  The facts behind the UK’s technology strategy The digital economy – with the evolution of AI at its heart – is creating jobs almost three times faster than the rest of the UK economy.  So, as

Mark Preston

Entrepreneurs in the driving seat:  How open platforms will accelerate innovation in autonomous driving The evolution of autonomous driving technologies is set to disrupt the global automotive industry and transform our lives. However, their development remains in the hands of a small

Chris Corrado

Case study: Helping money make the world go round.  How AI underpins safety, security and profitable operations for London Stock Exchange Headquartered in London and operating worldwide, LSE is a diversified international market infrastructure and capital markets business at the heart of the

Alex Harvey

Never off the shelf. The retailer that’s spearheading bespoke AI and robotics solutions to transform operational performance and competitiveness Productivity and agility are constant watchwords for Ocado, the world’s largest online only grocery retailer and for Morrisons, the UK’s fourth biggest supermarket.

Simon Foot

Disruption or transformation?  It’s your choice   Disruption, Disruption, Disruption. Knowing where to start and which trends are the ones to believe and get behind remains a challenge. But is AI really new? Where the examples of existing use are and what

Maria Semykoz

 When the customer is a company:  How AI accelerates value in B2B customer relationships Much of the talk to date has been about how AI is transforming customer relationships in the B2C arena.  All well and good.  But what about when the

Gerard Frith

Keep talking and nobody explodes.   How AI achieves what a human being never could In an ideal world a single individual would provide absolutely consistent 24-hour one-on-one contact for every one of your customers.  They’d have a godlike knowledge of your customers’

Marcel Horst

Why use Robotic Process Automation? – a ROI case study Key messages RPA is not AI or human-like robots The business case directs the opportunity High volume, repetitive process – break even volume is coming down rapidly Match the right tool to

Alan Flower

    Alan Flower is the HCL CTO for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). A successful entrepreneur and technologist, Alan is deeply passionate about using technology to support the digital transformation of business and to drive the creation of innovative products and

David Leonard

Preparing Your Workforce for the AI Revolution With AI spending projected to jump nearly 500% to $47 Billion by 2020, AI will reshape business processes, transforming countless aspects of our work environment from product development to operations to customer service. However, as

Andy Peart

  Can computers have ‘conversations’ with humans? Siri might have changed people’s perception of what AI-based automated assistants can do, but setting reminders or finding out about the weather only scratches the surface of artificially intelligent applications. Digital assistants now go far

Miranda Sharp

Ordnance Survey Case Study: But is it a map?  What AI means for location New technologies and ubiquitous connectivity are consuming and producing ever greater amounts of data.  To make sense of that data, to enable actions and measure the impact of

Dr Mirko Kovac

The AI enabled city Advances in robotics allow us to re-imagine urban environments. Future cities will operate as ecosystems in which humans and robots work symbiotically to accomplish tasks too laborious, dangerous or expensive to do manually. We examine how the latest

James Rapinac

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Mark J. Purdy

Strategies for success:  How AI can re-start growth and business profitability The steady decline in business profitability across multiple industries threatens to erode future investment, innovation and shareholder value.  But help is at hand from a new factor of production—artificial intelligence –

Lucy Standing

I’m a business psychologist (same as occupational, organisational or industrial) which means you’d work with me if you believe your organisation could achieve more through its people – but maybe you aren’t quite sure how. I’m also a social entrepreneur. Ideas are

Eva Krumhuber

Moral Quandaries and Possibilities in AI It is predicted that artificial entities such as robots and virtual agents will form vital parts of our social lives in the future, helping not only with functional tasks but also providing social support and care.

Rob Buckingham

  Delivering the UK robotics and autonomous systems strategy Rob has been heavily involved in making the case to Government for a significant investment in robotics. His talk will explore what this means in practise using examples from the transport and nuclear

Giovanni Amodeo

Smart market for artificial intelligence: How merger and acquisition will shape the future Merger and acquisition activity is starting to hot up in the AI space as smart investors and innovation hungry corporates go in search of talent and opportunity. Giovanni, who

Chris Ezekiel

Building customer relationships with intelligent virtual agents: A framework for humans and machines to work in harmony Chris Ezekiel, Founder & CEO, Creative Virtual Personalised, consistent and accurate online engagement anytime, anywhere – customers expect it and intelligent virtual agents can deliver