Our year-round programme of events is your finger on the pulse of a new business world powered by AI. An extended series of Directors’ Forums supports the Main Event, the apex of our London-based programme. Our events focus on the three things that matter most…

Science: Latest developments in AI and robotics and where they might take us.
Business: Case studies from the real world – from business improvement to transformation and the creation of new business models.
Work: How the workplace is being reshaped by smart humans and smart technology working in collaboration.

Next- AI & Robotics Main Event 12 October 2018, London

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AI & Robotics Directors' Forums




The four Directors’ Forums offer focused deep dives that investigate the impact on key business sectors and key business applications. From Financial Services to Customer Engagement, these forums provide an invited audience with the opportunity to home in on specific topics and investigate market specific challenges and opportunities. More about the last Forum – Business Transformation  


The Main Event addresses the broader strategic issues and explores the transformational impact of AI and robotics across industries and sectors. With a focus on innovation and investment, business growth and profitability, it provides an audit of key development areas. More about the next Main Event on 12 October 2018

AI & Robotics events partners

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AI & Robotics events are organised by Connect Business Media (CBM)

A business media organisation with a reputation for creating mould-breaking business events that challenge traditional thinking and overturn established formats. With more than 30 years’ experience the Connect team has managed national and international events on every continent in industries including customer experience, employee engagement, outsourcing, information and communication technologies. Connect Business Media events are more than conferences; they connect audiences in new ways, opening up opportunities for discussion and debate that foster innovation and business growth.

For information on 2018 AI & Robotics events, please contact: Christina Wood, Connect Business Media – Phone +44 (0)1483 614451 | Mobile: +44 (0)7775 942252 | Email: [email protected]